• Level 2 Accredited Service Provider
  • High Voltage Installation, Maintenance & Repair
  • LED Lighting And Energy Saving Audits
  • Emergency/exit Light Testing & Installation
  • Thermal Imaging
  • RCD Testing
  • Testing & Tagging
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance
  • Earth testing
  • High Voltage Maintenance


JCB offer a comprehensive range of 114 model numbers from 8 to 2700kVA, split into 5 types: 40 in the standard range, 58 in the solutions range, 9 in the rental range, 6 in the telecomms range and a lighting tower completes the range. All available as 50Hz or 60Hz and set new standards of performance and reliability.

As you would expect from JCB, the build quality is superb with each generator boasting the highest quality components, alternators and engines. A digital control panel as standard (excluding 8-13kVA), lets you programme the system to meet your own requirements, whilst remote monitoring is available through numerous methods. And of course it’s all backed up by the best product support in the business.



CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors implements a schedule for clients based on AS3760 that test the RCDs (Safety Switches) in the switchboard. RCD testing is an integral part of electrical testing to Australian Standards that is too often over-looked.


Over time, corrosive soils with high moisture content, high salt content, and high temperatures can degrade Earthing rods and their connections. So although the Earthing system when initially installed had low Earth ground resistance values, the resistance of the Earthing system can increase if the Earth rods have been affected by any of the previous mentioned hazards.

As part of a sites electrical maintenance management plan, CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors will conduct Earth testing measure the ground Earth resistance of all electrical installations.


CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors, uses infrared Thermography for condition monitoring of equipment such as motors, switchboards or any other plant and equipment. The process is used to fault find not only electrical faults but any mechanical stresses.

Thermal imaging helps to:

Prevent costly down-time
Prevent fire/explosion
Ensure the integrity of all components
Determine loading condition of equipment
The visual inspection of each switchboard will help determine its condition: ie broken door hinges, excessive heat, build-up of dust/dirt, vermin proof, unsafe condition or discoloration of components, condition of legend, clear local access area, etc.
If faults are found personnel can plan repairs as necessary, at a planned time without a costly breakdown
Reports containing documentary evidence of survey results, are provided with each audit.


Smoke alarm testing is an often-overlooked component of safety standard compliance. CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors can offer a maintenance plan for any building supervisor or real estate agent that needs the peace of mind that all smoke alarms are tested and certified with electronic paperwork on file.


Installing LED lighting can reduce your lighting costs up to 85%.

LED lights can now replace halogen down lights and most fluorescent fittings.

Energy audits assist industrial companies or facilities in understanding how they use energy and help to identify the areas where waste occurs and where opportunities for improvement exist. This guidebook provides step-by-step guidelines that can be easily followed even by those who have not previously conducted energy audits. These guidelines are developed in a manner that can be used by both in-house auditors who are auditing their own plant and outside consultants who are hired to do an energy audit.

An energy audit is a key to assessing the energy performance of an industrial plant and for developing an energy management program. The typical steps of an energy audit are:

preparation and planning
data collection and review
plant surveys and system measurements
observation and review of operating practices
data documentation and analysis
reporting of the results and recommendations
Callaghan Electrical Contractors can begin with some simple steps that are relatively cost-effective such as replacing existing lighting with LED lighting or Lighting controls. Lights can be shut off during non-working hours by automatic controls, such as occupancy sensors which turn off lights when a space becomes unoccupied. Manual controls can also be used in addition to automatic controls to save additional energy in smaller areas. The payback period for lighting control systems is generally less than 2 years.

For larger site a more comprehensive plan will be developed.


CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors conduct a six monthly and 12 monthly emergency/exit light testing procedures as required by AS2293.2. If any areas require the installation of emergency or EXIT luminaires CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors can quote on the installation of any work needed.


For general maintenance contracts, large building maintenance, site maintenance, Real Estate Maintenance, call in the team at CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors.

CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors provides the simplicity of having one point of contact that takes care of all repairs and maintenance, orders parts, maintains records of warranties, reminds you when services are due and provides you with free quotes, job feedback and prompt electronic invoices.


Fire Extinguisher Inspections as per AS 1851-2005

The level of inspection, test, preventive maintenance and survey routine carried out shall be indelibly marked on the tag or label in the box corresponding to the year and month in which the routine was performed, with a figure representing the routine as follows:
1 = six monthly
2 = yearly
4 = five yearly.

At the completion of the inspection, test, preventive maintenance and survey routines conducted by CEC in accordance with Clauses 15.4.1, 15.4.2, 15.4.3 and 15.4.4, a report shall be provided to the client. Defect and condition reports shall be prepared and distributed in accordance with Clause 1.15.4 and 1.15.5

CEC will inspect fire extinguishers on a six-monthly, yearly, and five-yearly basis according to AS 1851-2005 Section 15.4


CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd, operates to a quality management system developed to ISO:9001. All tasks are risk assessed and hazards identified in a Safe Work Method Statement.

CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors’ Work Health and Safety management plan overviews the Company’s commitment to WHS at all sites. The WHS management plan includes the following: (these will be provided on request)

Drug & Alcohol Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
First AID Policy
Hazardous Substances Policy
Incident & Injury Management Policy
Internet & Email Policy
Manual Handling Policy
Mobile Phone Policy
Noise Policy
PPE Policy
Plant & Equipment Policy
Purchasing Policy
Shift work Policy
Smoke-free workplace Policy
Stress & Fatigue Policy
Subcontractor Management Policy
Training & Competency Policy
Workplace Consultation Policy
Workplace Violence & Bullying Policy


CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors has the ability to develop and manage small to medium projects with a value up to $20 million. Drawing on its management with extensive experience in Electrical Engineering, CEC can offer advice or develop a project from the beginning. Contact CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors to learn more about our project management capabilities and see what we can do for you.


CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors conducts testing and tagging on over 2,000 electrical apparatus per week for many companies. All items are placed on an electronic asset register, and a detailed report of test results including any defects is given. Any repairs required can be done on the spot.

CEC tests over 2,000 electrical apparatus per week for many companies. All items are placed on an electronic asset register, and a detailed report of test results including any defects is given. Any repairs required can be done on the spot. All tests are done to a frequency as specified by AS3760.

See the Testing Frequency table


CEC Callaghan Electrical Contractors is Level 2 Accredited Service Provider accredited by the NSW Government Department of Trade & Investment, and authorized with Ausgrid – formerly Energy Australia. CEC can help you in al electrical services matters relating to connection / Disconnection at the point of attachment