CEC provide a complete range of commercial electrical services. With well-organised and highly professional crews, the CEC business model succeeds with low overheads and an unwavering eye for detail. It is our mission to not only provide highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, we commit to the development of a positive communication base with each and every client to ensure all jobs are completed to industry leading standards.  

Our estimators have far ranging experience quoting on jobs of any size, and our expert scheduling and management team will ensure all work is completed within the target timeframe. 

CEC is an accredited Level 2 Service Provider, and has specialist expertise in communication and fibre optic services. In combination with the provision of CAD design services, the company offers a holistic suite of electrical installations services. Keeping all aspects of the installation in-house ensure all project is completed to the same high standard. 

Downtime from poorly executed or missed scheduled maintenance is the last thing wanted by any business. Our emergency service response team will rapidly respond to anything from an annoying flickering light to  an urgent equipment replacement.  Our prompt call out to all urgent repairs helps ensure each your business has limited electrical downtime.

CEC offer a highly professional maintenance system, that takes the hassle away from you and your business. We provide a scheduled reminder to each of our valued clients, ensuring no maintenance is ever missed.  When on site, all work is conducted with fully equipped and serviced vehicles in keeping with our zero harm OHS policy, and ensuring efficiency resolution of issues and preventative maintenance. 

Commercial Capabilities

  • Installations, refurbishments and Maintenance
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Communications, phones and Data
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Distribution and building audits
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • Project management
  • Test and tagging
  • Control systems
  • Fire systems and maintenance
  • Security systems and maintenance
  • Fire extinguisher inspections
  • LED lighting
  • Solar installations and maintenance
  • AV installation and maintenance
  • Under floor heating
  • Project management
  • Level 2 accredited service provider authorized with Ausgrid


Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your employee’s, partners and customers.  In support of your commitment to WHS, CEC provide a recognized legal compliance auditing service on all distribution boards and emergency lighting and exits. CEC auditing service ensures that all electrical equipment on your premises is compliant and that in an emergency, you have peace of mind knowing all safety equipment will do its job.

CEC’ commercial electrical services include auditing and a thorough inspection of all equipment and a reporting process which includes pictures of defects and issues. CEC then repairs all defects and ensures safe operation of all equipment. 

Emergency audits must comply with relevant standards and should be tested every 6 months, ensuring safe operation and the mitigation of legal liability. CEC provide an emergency lighting register that is kept on premises, which shows all conducted tests and results. 


After auditing is complete, CEC will place an audit sticker on all relevant distribution boards. This shows the test date, next test due date and an identification number. Then CEC will provide a schedule of periodical required maintenance that notifies clients when the next audit is due.

Auditing services include:

  • RCD push and injection testing
  • Emergency lighting and exits
  • Distribution Boards
  • Earthing
  • General inspections
  • Energy efficiency
  • Thermal imaging
  • Lighting


CEC provides services and quotes for all types of commercial communications and data work. 

Our open-registered accredited personnel vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to support all your communication and data needs. 

CEC also provide fibre optic services, with a complete inventory of the required equipment for installation, terminations and testing of all fibre optics. 

All communication and fibre optics work is carried out to the relevant standards for each project, and above and beyond to industry leading standards. As part of our commitment to quality, CEC provide detailed testing reports for all communications and fibre optics installations.


The CEC team test and tag thousands of electrical assets every month. From army bases to mine sites, we ensure your equipment is kept up to date, legal, and logged in to our system. 

CEC is well known in the tagging sector, with efficient and reliable systems that save our clients hundreds and thousands of dollars on tagging services. Some companies fail to communicate to the client the correct periods of testing required, causing businesses to pay more regularly than they should.

Using Seaward testing equipment, we ensure no item of equipment is missed and provide a thorough report on all tested equipment. We notify clients when their tagging is due and conduct all tagging on time, every time. 

CEC provides the highest quality and professional tagging service at the most competitive industry rate available.

As per AS3760:2010, CEC conducts all testing and tagging using a calibrated tester. Each piece of electrical apparatus, once tested, is entered into a database for asset management purposes.

It is important that no equipment is damaged during the testing, so non-intrusive leakage tests are conducted on any sensitive electronic equipment housing PCBs (printed circuit boards)

CEC’s experience has shown that over 90% of items defects are detectable by visual inspection. Physical visual inspections are conducted along with insulation resistance and earth continuity. (Dependant on items)

CEC developed a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) so that all testing and tagging could be achieved safely and with minimal interference with work process. was a government website that provided key information when developing the Safe Work Method Statement so that all facets of the WHS act 2011 could be adhered to.