Callaghan Electrical Contractors have the experience, equipment and systems you need in the provision of industrial electrical services.

Our clients include underground and surface mining operations, coal handling and preparation plants, and many significant industrial workshops.

The entire scope of our industrial electrical services are quality and safety assured, and are certified toAS/NZS standards including but not limited to; electrical equipment for mines and quarries, mains and battery powered mobile machines, electrical equipment in hazardous areas, bolted explosion three-phase coupling devices, and protection by ventilation.

Our experienced and highly trained technicians are fully certified, with up to date qualifications across stringent OHS standards.  Our exemplary safety track record is testament to not only our systems and experience, but to the attitude our team bring to work every day.

Our full range of industrial electrical services include:

  • Turn key electrical and construction project installations including design, supply, installation
  • Substation construction
  • High and low voltage power reticulation
  • Power electronic systems
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Asset inspection
  • Remote location experience
  • Shut down support
  • Utility provider support